Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yay! I'm so excited! I have been working on getting this blog linked to a website name that was more relevant to the name of the blog and it has finally happened. After a frustrating time trying to be clever and link the websites myself by going WAY to far into the depths of web programming than I will ever be interested in being, and then waiting for some tech support people to get back to me to fix the errors of my ways, it has been a long haul for a relatively simple procedure. But I'm there!

So now onwards and upwards and I can get back into posting recipes for you all to enjoy. I have been taking pics, and stashing a few ideas away so that I can do a bit of a blitz now that things are running smoothly.

It has been a manic month of celebrations, and this month it just keeps on coming, so I apologise if the next few posts contain nothing but treats and cakes!! Feels as though that's all that we've been eating around here...but we've managed to keep relatively on track with eating good food, although chocolate consumption is at an all time high!!

We are currently all at home with every heater I can find set on high trying to keep warm while we all cough and splutter all over the place. Kaylah was the first to go down, then Mia, and my body finally caved yesterday - so far hubby is resistant to the bugs, but no doubt when he caves we will have a serious case of man flu on our hands. These poor men really have it tough getting such bad doses of all of the bugs that go around! :P All week I have been sucking back on Vitamin C like it's going out of fashion, and my body put up a really good fight, but hanging out with 2 sniffly little rascals is enough to test even the greatest immune system!

To try and get past this bug as quickly as possible I made a big pot of green soup with lots of garlic - so simple to make, and very yummy. Keep an eye out for this recipe and a few more of the tasty bits and pieces we have been trying out.

Right now, I am about to go and wrap my hands around a warm cup of tea and consider what to make the kids for dinner - not feeling very inspired tonight!!