Monday, 29 April 2013

Sonjas's 90th Birthday party!

Yesterday was a very special day in our house - it was Sonja's 90th birthday. This is Sonja...

Looking good for 90, Sonja!

In honour of this wonderful event I thought it was a good excuse to bake a cake, especially as Kaylah was throwing a full party for the birthday girl complete with presents and singing happy birthday. I had a recipe from the Marian Keyes cook book that I had been wanting to play around with for some time so I took the opportunity. The recipe was for a Coconut Milk Cake. Sounded great, although with 300g sugar and a couple of cups of flour in it, it was not ideal for the needs of our family. Never fear, I tinkered and played, and came up with a cake that I was seriously happy with! It was a total leap of faith, and one of those cooking moments where you get everything combined, throw it in the pan, put it in the oven and cross your fingers...the baking gods were smiling upon me this time and the cake turned out moist, fluffy and very moreish!

Here are a few pictures of the process. 

I used a star shaped pan just to make it a little more 'birthday partyish', but a regular tin would be just fine!

Next, a couple of pics of the cooked cake and the ganache topping

And finally, a picture of the finished product. Sadly, we got into such a rush to eat the cake, that I forgot to take a picture of the cake looking all beautiful and finished, so I only have a photo of the cake once we were finished demolishing it!! 


This cake was the grand finale after a yummy roast dinner with my wonderful brother and his gorgeous fiance. A really nice dinner was had by all, and although I slightly mistimed the roast lamb (at least it guaranteed we all ate our vegetables, and there was no risk of the lamb being overcooked!), it all turned out really well. Here are the kids tucking in...

I will post the recipe for the cake, frosting, and a few details of some elements of the dinner shortly - I just need to translate some of my own writing on the notes I wrote while baking the cake. Stay tuned!!