Friday, 26 April 2013

The First Post!

I have a problem..... I wanted to start this blog but have been putting so much thought into the first post that I have not just got off my bum and started! I think the 'first post' has become larger than life in my head so I am just going to write some stuff down, and then think about what to say later.

So here it goes - the first post and I promise to give a little more information on the what, when, where, why and how of this blog very soon once I have made it past this mental hurdle!

Dinner tonight - got so busy chatting to a wonderful friend that by the time we got home it was getting late. I then made the fatal mistake of doing a 'quick' check of my emails while the kids settled into being back home and found a whole bunch of phone messages for work that I needed to deal with before the end of the day, being Friday and all. So by the time I even though about starting dinner it was quarter to six and I had NOTHING ready! Thank goodness for my secret stash of 'emergency' pre-made gluten/ dairy free pizza dough (just add water), and some lamb mince in the fridge. 30 minutes later we had an interesting dinner of lamb and eggplant middle eastern pizza with salad and steamed veges.

I was in such a rush to get it made (and eaten, as we were all starving by the time it got to the table) that I didn't take any photos. Pretty happy with the efforts though, and the kids even ate it, including the eggplant which, when Kaylah asked if it was olives (which she loves) I told her it was. Sneaky mummy, but if I'd told her it was eggplant she would have picked it all out!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - I think we should have midweek public holidays more often!